“Scandalous Grace” by John Albert Thomas



“Scandalous Grace” was inspired by Melissa Ingino on her 21st birthday.

Outwardly petite, Melissa Ingino is a lamb with the heart of a lion. Her fervent advocacy for the weak is seen through her giving and support of Living Water International and lobbying Congress on behalf of Invisible Children. She will not rest while the world around her suffers. 

As I read these words from Melissa, this music poured out of my own heart at one sitting. It was a sacred moment, a meditation, that led me to my own worship of the God she describes: 

“something is broken in this world & i want to hold my tiny palms against the wounds so the Healer can later restore … i’m just a girl in a red hat. A lily among thorns. A dreamer. A free soul with a heart that is deeply Rooted. i believe in scandalous grace. i can survive living simply, as long as my friends and family are close. Someday i want to paint the nails of prostitutes. i treasure the art of listening and genuinely receiving even it means remaining silent.i believe in the practice lectio divina. i have a heart for the feeble and broken. i appreciate loyalty and honesty. i think the study of fine tuning in the universe is mind-altering. i believe in altruism and empathy. i’m a little dirt clod made from the dust but hold the Breath of my Creator. i was once dead but now i am alive. <><.”

“Scandalous Grace” can be heard on the album, Now I Sleep, available here:

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“Be Still And Know” can also be heard here:








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