“What Do You Say?” by John Albert Thomas



Alecia Coco was 16 weeks along when her water broke. Her husband, John, was working nearby that unusual day and he rushed her to the hospital. According to the doctor their boy would not live another 48 hours, so they began the long process of letting go. After three weeks his heart finally stopped and little John, only 10 ounces, was delivered. They dressed him in a tiny outfit and held him for six hours, counting his fingers and toes, marveling at his perfect form. 

Alecia struggled with a deep desire to receive comfort from her friends, but what does one say when a friend loses a baby? 

Perhaps the best comfort is given just by listening–unreserved listening with an open heart, mourning with them, weeping with them, and praying with them. Perhaps God will speak to them through your love more than your words.

Listen. Learn. Love.

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