Poem For The Woman Who Dreamed Of Mother’s Day

I wrote this for a dear friend who was robbed of the joys of motherhood because of a medicine she took:


To the woman who dreamed

I’m taking a risk

By saying this phrase

But you need to know

I see your hidden desire

The possible joy

They took from you

I can’t imagine the feelings

The years of tears

The fears

The regrets

The shame that isn’t yours to carry

The longing to hear the word “Mom”

To wake up this morning

To a card

A gift

Little feet

A little voice

Long ago you made a choice

To save your life

Perhaps you would

Choose a different path

Now that you know

So I grieve for you this morning

I grieve with you

I sense the child who isn’t there

The void in your arms

The secret feeling of despair

Hope lost

But I also see something

Beautiful and great

You would have made the BEST mother

I can tell

I can see it when you love your husband

When you adopt a Baby Bird

How you nurture it



So much care and patience

Despite Hell’s scars


You ARE a great MOTHER

A mother of many

Many Birds

Many friends

Yes you have many friends

Some don’t realize it yet

Many little works of art

Brushes and paints

Needles and threads

Inspirations of every kind

This world needs you

All of you

All of them

Every heart you touch

Every community you explore

Every church you plant

Every truth you tell

To those who don’t want to hear

And to those who do

So know

Please know

That what you gave up

Gave way

To being the mother of MANY

Including me

So I say

Please hear

From the child in me

Who sees because of you

Happy Mother’s Day