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🧑‍⚕️Are you a doctor, nurse or other frontline worker serving patients?

🤒Are you or your loved one suffering with the Coronavirus?

😷Are you anxious about the future because of the current crisis?

Many of my listeners use relaxing piano music to help soothe their emotional and physical pain.

Now through April 30, I’m giving away my soul-calming piano album “Now I Sleep” to soothe you, your patients, and your loved ones.

Use the discount code COVIDPEACE during checkout to receive a free audio download of my album “Now I Sleep”. No strings attached. Discount will appear during checkout.

I’m convinced this will minister to you at the deepest level. Please share this gift with anyone who might be blessed by it.

Yours In Christ,


How do you encourage someone when words are not enough?

In 2009, inspired by the compassionate work of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS), I set out to compose an album of original solo piano music for ten families who mourned the loss of a baby. I wanted to create a musical gift for remembrance and healing.

After ten emotional interviews, several months at the piano, and a few days in the studio, I was pleased to finally announce the release of Now I Sleep – Solo Piano in April 2011. Since its release, this album has been a resource for bereavement ministries around the world who serve these dear families.

This digital album also includes 2 bonus tracks, featuring my solo piano arrangement of "Baby Mine" from the Disney movie, Dumbo. While designed to be given as a gift to those who are grieving, it also serves as a deeply relaxing collection of piano lullabies that soothe the soul.

  • 12 fully-mastered songs
  • 10 precious ones remembered and honored

The album is also available in CD format:

Now I Sleep - CD