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Twenty years later this album still soothes the soul!

Album cover of The Golden Road 20th Anniversary Remastered Edition

Forty minutes of relaxing and inspirational solo piano music, including Secret Place, Rebecca, Remember When, Waiting, and more! Click the blue button to begin downloading, no strings attached.

The download is a large Zip file (176.5MB) that contains 10 high-resolution audio files in standard M4A format. If you experience difficulty playing the music on your computer or device, please contact for assistance.

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I am thrilled to finally release the 20th Anniversary Remastered Edition of my debut solo piano album The Golden Road!

It was a childhood dream that began when I first heard George Winston's December album on cassette tape. Though I started composing at age 12, this album made me realize that I could release my own album someday!

Over the next thirteen years of high school, college, and marriage, I composed ten piano pieces for an album. I knew there was no chance of "being discovered" by the major labels, so I saved up $1,000 and in the Fall of '98 I rented a studio in Memphis, TN, where I recorded the whole album in a day. Unfortunately, the tape player mangled part of the recording so I had to re-record some songs the next morning.

I used the rest of my funds to have the album professionally mastered, but over the years I have grown dissatisfied that the original mastering did not preserve the warmth and dynamic range present in today's Relaxing Piano music. I missed the swirling of the notes as they reverberated across the microphones.

This summer I finally sold out of my first run of the original CDs, so I decided to take the opportunity to have Euphonic Masters remaster the original tape recordings so that some of that warmth and dynamic range would come through. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the new sound.

God has been faithful to me all of these years, and I wanted to share His goodness with you by offering this simple gift. Please enjoy your free digital copy, and please share this page with anyone else who enjoys relaxing piano music.

John Albert Thomas

"Your music is reflective, restful, and I hear God in every note."
— fan from NY

"I love your music and find it to be very relaxing, peaceful, and encouraging. I love to listen to it as I study God’s word." — pastor from TN

"I played your music while I was in labor and it helped me keep calm and relaxed."
— fan from TN

"I’ve been falling asleep to your piano music every night the past few weeks because I’ve been dealing with anxiety and it’s been super helpful." — Rebeccah H.

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John Albert Thomas at Peaches Place

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  • Zuzu's Petals
  • Now I Sleep

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Prefer CDs?

The Golden Road (20th Anniversary Remastered Edition) CD

The Golden Road
20th Anniversary Remastered Edition CD

Ten relaxing piano tracks, digitally remastered from the original studio recordings, including:

  • The Golden Road
  • Secret Place
  • First Love
  • Growing Up
  • Goodbye
  • Beside Me
  • Rebecca
  • Remember When
  • Coming Home
  • Waiting


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Four relaxing piano CDs by John Albert Thomas

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  • Daddy Daughter Dance
  • Zuzu's Petals
  • Now I Sleep


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You are loved and worth more than you know.

We all crave peace and rest...not just in the world around us but deep inside our souls. If that describes you, you are not alone.


Where I found peace and rest...

John Albert Thomas in the woods


I grew up in Ontario, New York, just a mile and a half from Lake Ontario. My family would stop for ice cream and visit the lake for a chance to be captivated by its gorgeous sunsets. I even proposed to my wife Becky in a little hamlet on its southern shore called Pultneyville. It was a peaceful place, a place of rest.


In my childhood, though, my placid surroundings were in stark contrast with the turmoil inside my heart. I believed in God and was told that he loved me, but I always felt that he must be angry with me. When I closed my eyes I pictured this big fist coming down from the sky to crush me. I longed for peace with him, but he was so distant. What could I do?


One Saturday I was mowing the yard and felt a deep sense of dread overcome me. I ran to my room and buried my face into the brown carpet, crying out to God to have mercy on me! Then the most extraordinary thing happened at that moment--Jesus met me there. The room grew brighter and I could feel the ocean of guilt pour off of my shoulders as he said, "You are mine. Never doubt your salvation again."


I felt free. I felt peace. More than that, I felt joy!


Jesus reminded me of his words I believed as a child:


"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke on you and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and my load is not hard to carry.” (Matthew 11:28-30 NET)


I found his words to be true, and I believe they will be true for you, too.


Here are some more truths that have brought me peace over the years:

  • You are hand-crafted by God in his image for a special purpose
  • You are worth more to him than the glories of Heaven itself
  • You were rescued by him to rest fully in his delight


It is out of this freedom, this peace and rest, that my music emerges. My hope is that my music reminds of you these truths when you yearn to escape. In those still moments, I hope you can hear God's whisper telling you how much he loves you and that you are priceless to him!


I leave you with this precious promise,

"Draw near to God and he will draw near to you." (James 4:8 NET)

Enjoy peace and rest tonight!

John Albert Thomas
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