Life on Rails (Stefan Mall)


Stefan Mall is a generous soul who lives a quiet life as a railway ticket inspector in Switzerland. As a boy he experienced medical challenges that prevented him from becoming athletic, but as he said, “Every medal has two sides.” Out of struggle he formed a passion for the arts. From an organ concert in Denmark to an amphitheater in Verona, his childhood was filled with music, and his love for a strong melody continues to this day.

In this song, I wanted to capture the sound of a train, each rail of the track representing the life we live and the life we dream about. We look back and see that both rails make us who we are. They make one track, and they get us to our final destination. Life usually starts out slow and steady, but then it picks up steam racing across the countryside, and then finally slows till it pulls into the station.

When I shared this music with Stefan for the first time, he said:

“I’m quite speechless. Very good idea with the train, since at least 27 of my 50 years on this planet the railway is an important part of my life, because it is my work. The even bigger surprise is that you found the perfect key/tonality. I like it very much. And I hear the good idea of a train journey which can describe my life.”

It is my pleasure to present to you…Life on Rails.

Watercolor artwork by Sandi Dawn

You can find “Life on Rails” here:


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