Light Of Dawn (Sandi Dawn Minkel)


What can I say about Sandi Dawn? She exudes light from within, a light that was born in the fires of adversity and now pours out onto the pages of her watercolor art.

As a child, she was the victim of evil men who exposed her to extreme trauma. Through friendships and the love of Jesus Christ she began the process of healing.

Shortly after a suicide attempt, she met her husband, who spent the next many years loving her through night terrors and the physical and emotional trauma she still bears to this day. Though her parents disowned her and claimed her artistry was worthless, he believes in her and never shames her.

It is through sleepless nights, her body wracked with pain, that much of her art is forged. It serves to remind her of the truths that brought her safely out of darkness into marvelous light, and those that know her pain will find deep comfort in the light of Dawn. Sandi continues to move forward in power, strength, and bravery in the difficult process of wholeness and healing.

She sent me this beautiful note after I sent her a copy of her song:

“I’ve listened to it nearly 100 times so far. There is an incredible sunrise in there, but even more, I hear one brave little facet rising from the darkness into the light, and leading other fearful, doubtful ones with her, until every voice is heard, and something happens at “midday”… rest. A peaceful, soulful rest.”

You can find “Light of Dawn” here:

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