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Piano composition and watercolor art inspired by Angie Davis of Mt. Crawford, Virginia.

“Dig your well deep now, so when suffering comes you have something to drink.”

That is the advice that Angie Davis gives to all young people—to know God and to know His Word. She is no stranger to suffering, having spent over two decades battling thyroid cancer, colon cancer, and now stage 4 breast cancer. Scarred with the devastating effects of many surgeries and chemo treatments, she shared her grief in a cracked voice, “I want to grow old with Brian and see my kids married…I’m tired.”

Angie is not without hope, though. “When I truly understand God’s Fatherly affection for me, my suffering isn’t a heavy hand. He grieves with me. He loves me as I am. He brings with it rest and I cease striving. I don’t have to earn God’s love. It is grace unmeasured. God wins over all of this!”

When I asked about her greatest joys she said, “My husband, my kids, my family. Flowers on my window sill that [my daughter] Audrey and I arranged. Sunlight while I play the piano. To see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I cry a lot, but it’s over the joys and the blessings as well as the sufferings. My kids jokingly say #mamacried”

I wanted to capture this wellspring of joy in her song. I was utterly humbled to see such confidence and hope emanate from her weary body and fragile voice. Her one desire for this song is this: “I want people to see Jesus.”

piano by John Albert Thomas
artwork by Sandi Dawn

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