“Sweet Resilience” named 2020 Single of the Year!

"Sweet Resilience" album cover

This weekend, my recent release “Sweet Resilience” was selected as Single of the Year by Enlightened Piano Radio at their annual awards! Can you believe it?! 😮

This is my first piano award and I am entirely grateful, honored, and touched that EPR chose to honor “Sweet Resilience” in this way. 🙏

This solo piano piece was not a solo effort, though! These amazing people helped make this song a reality:

  • Martha Walton – my precious mother-in-law who inspired this piece
  • Joe Bongiorno – the amazing sound engineer who recorded and mastered the song in his Piano Haven studio
  • Sandi Dawn – my dear friend who painted the gorgeous artwork
  • Becky Thomas – my dear wife who records my improvisations and cries every time I play this one
  • Jesus Christ – who was deeply present with me as I sat at the piano, turning this composition into an expression of love

I can’t leave you out, either! Thank you for being there, listening, and sharing my music. Your support is deeply meaningful to me. May God soothe your soul through this music and increase peace and healing in your life.

John Albert Thomas

P.S. If you would like to hear “Sweet Resilience” and add it to your playlist, here are links for your convenience!

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