Sweet Resilience

"Sweet Resilience" album cover

Sweet Resilience is inspired by my precious mother-in-law, Martha Walton, whose love and care knows no bounds. Martha has been teaching high school students for many years in the Memphis, TN area. It seems that we cannot go out with her without bumping into a former student! The thing they remember most about her is how much she cared about them.

Martha welcomed me with open arms into her family from the beginning, and she likes to call me her “son-in-love.” This song is my way of expressing gratitude for the joy and love she poured into my dearest Becky, me, and our four children. She modeled unconditional and relentless love as she cared for her husband, AJ, while Alzheimer’s took his mind and body over the course of years.

I want Martha to know that I see her goodness and kindness and that her worth is far greater than she can possibly imagine.

piano by John Albert Thomas
artwork by Sandi Dawn

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