John Albert Thomas smiling and walking through the woods

About John Albert Thomas

Fans describe John’s music as quiet, meditative and peaceful, soothing the soul, returning to center, filling their space with hope and inspiration, curiosity and wonder, culminating in a happy, carefree feeling of wellness and contentment. It is a unique blend of Easy Listening, Contemporary Classical, Christian and New Age Piano genres.

Though not a touring artist, John occasionally joins other artists in concert. He works full-time as an entrepreneurial business coach and enjoys his family of six in their country home just a stone’s throw from Memphis, Tennessee, USA.


The music is graceful...soothing. A thread of hope runs through each piece.

Kathy Parsons,


The effect is spellbinding. This music winds its way into the depths of the soul, somehow managing to elucidate one’s darkest sorrows and brightest hopes simultaneously, and bears repeated listening – I have lost count! Very highly recommended!

Pam Asberry, Asberry School of Music


Your music is reflective, restful and I hear God in every note.

music fan from New York

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